Sale Stalker: Best of Online – February

Lately, I’ve been on a spending ban.  Actually more than that, I’ve been out of work for a month now and it’s become a kind of large chunk missing in my life.  From my lack thereof to spend, I have found myself finding more amazing bargains online and in store!

One of my favourite sites is PopCherry, an Australian boutique which stocks labels such as Angel Biba, Paper Heart, Mika and Gala, Ava, and oh the list goes on!  Instead of being the retail price of $70-90 each, this site manages to keep all their prices either $29 or $39.  I can’t rave enough about them, for young female fashion, this is the place to go!

Nastygal, honestly I have always looked longingly at some of their rather exuberant styles.  Heading to the sale side of this website, I found about 20 extremely wearable things I wanted to buy, and honestly these Mui-Mui inspired sunglasses are to. die. for.

Another website I’ve known for a while now is  Currently they’re having a 50% off everything (excluding the brands that aren’t owned by Tobi themselves).  The magic word to get a hold of this amazing offer is branded all over their site while the promotion runs but to save you looking, this is it: HEARTSTOPPER50

I hope you have a wonderful week and I’ll catch up with you next time,

Indigo Deer x


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