Friday Finisher: Last Lust Day of the Week


By this point, you’re drinking coffee with the cocktail umbrella floating around, nudging your nose with every sip.  So, what better to do than make one last order online to ensure you get it as quick as possible?

Me?  I just bought a handful of lipsticks, Essie nailpolish and another addition to my makeup storage collection from this wonderful place, and all I can tell you is it was worth it.  Sorry spending ban.

But with that aside, the sole purpose and reason for this post was to alert you to the astonishing work of Papillon Belle, who work to immortalise gorgeous butterflies, not in a glass cabinet, but encased in a glass dome for everyone to admire their beauty.  And let me tell you, I actually struggle so much to pick one that I would want!  Why?  Because obviously I feel like each and every single one is too beautiful to rule out another!

Torn between two Morpho wings, Morpho Zephyritis shows a striking blue bordering on purple wing, while Morpho Sulkowskij wing is a holographic lavender shade with a beige base.   And the price?  Well when I told my friend about these pendants, she immediately replied “And $249728?”  I laughed, but they could definitely sell for that price!  At only AUD$295 for the two I am so in love with, you get the wing’s silver casing engraved with the company name, year of manufacture, a certificate about your butterfly, a luxury satin box to store your wing, and a 45cm chain.

Papillon Belle work tirelessly to ensure that their butterflies have come from sustainable forests, which are involved in a breeding program to help the dwindling species numbers.  And they are also supporters of The Antennae Foundation, a foundation committed to the preservation and conservation of insect diversity globally.

Overall, I cannot stress the beauty of this unique jewellery line, and the importance of the work they support worldwide.  Now, if you’ll excuse me I’m going to go and print sneaky pictures and leave them around the house as subtle birthday gift ideas.



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