MMS: No it’s not a disease – it’s My Makeup Storage!

I think this would have to be one of my most favourite things.  My makeup collection.  First, let me start by saying, this is not a bragging about how much I own, it’s probably less than some of the blogging community actually, but to show you how I manage all my products into an easy to find area.

DSC_0026This essentially is my set up.  I found the little bench with baskets at a local home wares store for $70.  The larger bottom set of drawers is a find from Office Works at under $17, which I labelled with what purpose the entire drawer had, just in case one day I lost my marbles.  The smaller storage unit comprises of a built in lip stick holder with the capacity of 12 lip products and four more drawers – two larger, two smaller.  To help you out, you can find them here.


The upper set of drawers as you can see from the overall image, house my two shades of foundation that I mix to get the right shade and undertone, cotton buds for makeup slips and fix-ups, my favourite mascaras that I keep within grabbing reach and eyeliners (what a bundle, I know).  Aside those, I keep my favourite lipsticks, ever changing but totally accessible.


The two of the smaller drawers in this storage unit are homed to items I reach for on a day-to-day basis.  The left is concealers that make my life more liveable, and the right are my eye products that I reach for most regularly.

DSC_0029Second, and slightly larger drawer is quite literally the ‘cheeky’ draw.  Here I have my humble collection of NYX blushers, essence bronzer, Cargo illuminating blush and my Benefit splurge.

DSC_0030The last drawer in this set is the face drawer.  Here lives my Jemma Kidd translucent powder, and two pressed powders that don’t sit too heavily on my skin.  (Bourjois is dead empty though, damn.)

Moving on to the office drawers filled with not so office-y things.

DSC_0031I couldn’t have a more tessellating collection of colours.  Without a doubt you can see that this drawer is homed to my eye shadow singles, and which products get my vote.


Yes, I went a bit mad with this drawer.  I keep my smaller eye shadow sets, spare mascaras that I haven’t gotten around to using (or ones that are so pricey I like keeping for a while before I use them).


The lip drawer is more like a menagerie, with different sizes laying every which way, but oh well.  It all fits, except the Mac gloss sitting on top of another, oops.


 I’m actually literally ashamed to display this on my blog, this draw is such a mess just because everything differs in size, so. damn. much.  I wish there was a way to have it neat AND all fitting in, but I’m just such an idealist.  This drawer is full of powders, foundations, BB creams, setting sprays, blushers, a gigantic Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick (hiding at the bottom, it’s huge), scissors, eye lash curlers, tweezers.  Everything fits in this drawer.


DSC_0037Beside my make up storage lives my collection of brushes that I’ve gathered (and please note, really need to clean!).  I house these in two vases I picked up on a 50% off sale at Earth Born home wares.  I keep my larger ‘face’ brushes in the rear container, and the smaller ‘eye’ brushes in the front container.


In front of both of these is my little collection of Lush skin care which I apply every damn night because my skin is naughty.


All of my hair products that I reach for regularly sit on the right hand corner of my little cupboard, I have a novelty camera lens mug holding my set of combs, half of them I don’t even know what their specified use is, I just drag them through my hair and pretend it made a difference.  They’re also a stray eyeshadow and palette here because I was determined to do a navy smokey eye but then I changed my outfit.  (How cute is the tissue box!?)


Obviously by this point you would have thought I owned no palettes, oh dear let me clear this up.  I own too many to display.  The bottom right wicker drawer of the cupboard that every thing lives in is where you’ll find my palettes, stacked neatly so I can see which is which from the top.  Also in here is my ridiculously large Bella Brush set that I love so dearly.  I totally recommend them.


Also, this is my beautiful fish, he doesn’t have a name though.  If you’d like to name him or his girlfriend, leave a suggestion below.



7 thoughts on “MMS: No it’s not a disease – it’s My Makeup Storage!

      • oh i used to do it by color now i use water bottles since i have limited space and everything is round except my eye shadow you take the bottom of a bottle cut the bottom out and use the bottom half to put in lipsticks eye liners ect each holds something different even my brushes are now in there own tiny bottom half. saves room and time 🙂

  1. love the clear draws! Its always the best way!
    Also loving how you ended this with your fish! I have a whiteish one and his name is jack sparrow! If that gives you any ideas 😛

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