Birthday Bogglers: How to buy everyone a great gift!


Over the years, I’ve faced the constant fluctuation of “I know just what to get them!” and watching late night infomercials to find some form of a gift to send them.  So, from this blog post you’ll get the simplified, stress free to gift like a pro!

First of all, what have you seen them wearing lately/posting about on social media/talking non-stop about?  In my case, I tend to take note of these things about two months before their birthday, because then they’re not censoring out the things that they feel bad for hinting at.  My best friend mentioned that she liked my OPI nail polish the other day and so I bought her the huge set, just to add to the idea list that I keep stored half in my brain, half in my phone.

Secondly, what do you think they need in their life?  It doesn’t need to be a brand new iPhone or the latest and greatest, it could even be a good primer, or an eyelash curler.  Something you see that they could use on a day to day basis, because this, in my opinion makes for a very thoughtful gift.  Not to mention, it gets its money’s worth.

Thirdly, determine their own personal style, this can include whether they tend to steer clear of huge statement pieces like dangling earrings, or whether they opt into the ear cuff trend.  Little factors like noticing someones style can add to the wearability of the gift you give them.

Furthermore, remember the things that they like and don’t like.  For example, someone might not like floral so it’s best to stay away from something they wouldn’t like normally, or someone might love candles but not like the smell of lavender (me).

Lastly, if all else fails, there are actual tonnes of little nifty gift sets on Etsy, espeically for those beauty-lovers like myself, haircare junkies, skincare addicts, fashion fanatics, etc.  You just need to keep an open mind, and definitely ear.  I hope this helped some of you approaching birthdays.



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