Review: The Soi Company Candle

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I have an undying love for amazing scents.  Whether it’s perfume, candles, oil burners – I love it.  So recently, when I saw the candles from The Soi Company in delectable foods and scents, I knew I had to.

These candles are very unique, the wax that surrounds the wick is a creamy white colour, unlike the waxy counterparts of it’s competition.  This is more than likely due to the fact that you can take some melted wax (when it’s cooled of course) and rub it into your skin for use as a moisturiser.  When you dip your finger into the melted wax, first make sure the flame has been blown out, not because I think you’re stupid, but more like I almost did.

I loved the way it melted right into my skin, there was no sticky or waxy residue left over after it had been absorbed into my skin.  And boy oh boy, the smell!  I got three 11 oz. candles in the scents Salted Caramel, Macaroon, and Forbidden Fruit (no longer available).  So far I’ve only burned the Salted Caramel simply because I couldn’t handle how amazing it smelled!  It really does smell exactly on point to what salted caramels are, oh my nose is doing somersaults right now!

The wick comes long, and you initially have to cut it to about a centimetre, which just ensures that no excess smoke or flame height come from the candle.  The 11 oz candle has a clean burn and comes in a high ball glass that is definitely reusable.

I cannot recommend them more, they smell so breathtaking, go and check them out!



2 thoughts on “Review: The Soi Company Candle

  1. Sounds good! I’m definitely in need of some more candles. Like you, I just love an amazing scent but just haven’t had either the funds or motivation to really focus on finding some good new stuff.

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