Tuesday Edition #1

So for me, Tuesday is the day before I get paid, it’s also the day I compile a list of things I might potentially buy in the future.  As I haven’t been working as of late, looking at products has just made me sad.  So as I’m starting a new job this week, why not find some amazing products to spark my love for making lists of things?

Lust list #1

First of all, this list might seem a little ‘lower end’ than you see some beauty bloggers lusting over, but for me, actually making money involves saving $100 a week towards my dream house.  You can find the links to the product by clicking any mention of their product name.

I’d like to start off with the stunning Alice McCall Sea Rose dress from Nastygal, yes, ridiculously out of my price range, but I’m a dreamer.  The flipping stunning cut-outs and embellishments call for one hella-amazing cocktail dress.  I can’t get over how classy these cut outs look, normally cut outs tend to look a little trashy if they’re not done right, and this is done so right.

Second of my “I’m dreaming with my eyes open” products is the super stylishly simple Jeffery Campbell Burke Platform Heels in Black, also from Nastygal.  Never have I fallen so in love with a pair of shoes that I wouldn’t get the chance to wear that often.  With that aside, these would go with literally everything.  The ankle strap would ensure no wobbling at such a height.

Last one from Nastygal I promise (for now)!  The current $25 bag campaign is just too good to be true, I could totally imagine pairing the Tamara Bag with my Maurie & Eve Heartbeat Pocket dress (get it now while it’s on sale, damn I should have waited!).  There is nothing I love quite as much as black quilted leather (or pleather), simply because it looks so damn Chanel!

Moving on to the eye catching Pandora Cherry Blossom studs in 9k gold.  My amazing boyfriend bought me the ring that goes with these earrings for Christmas, and naturally, I was left wanting more (even if I whinged about the price of Pandora gold, yes okay I’m such a woman).

Do I really need to explain why I want the Naked2?  No, but I’ll do it anyway.  I haven’t been able to get a hold of this one and it’s totally baffling me as to how I’m still living without it in my life.  I want it so bad, I feel like a bad beauty blogger by just not owning it!

The Drying Lotion by Mario Badescu is a given, and also not as ‘lust-worthy’.  I simply want this so I can clear up any hormonal pimple flare-ups in less time.  With skin friendly chamomile and salicylic acid, it’s a great companion for blemish prone skin!

Kester Black nail polishes have always been something that I’ve been so torn about, but not over whether I should buy them or not.  I get stopped at the colour selection, I just can’t choose!  But today, I saw the shade ‘Poppy’ and fell instantly in love.  I don’t care what it takes, this must be mine.

Shangahi Suzy is another brand that’s been floating around in my headspace a little more lately, they’re lipsticks boast a high pigmented range while still being cost effective.  And when I say ‘cost effective’, I mean it!  They’re less expensive than drug store lippy’s!  At $12.95 each, and for a limited time buy 3, get one free, why wouldn’t you!?  My pick of these colours are Miss Sanja (bright fuchsia), Miss Georgina (pink plum), Miss Brooklyn (rose), Miss Sally (watermelon).  Did I mention they smell like Grape Hubba Bubba gum!?

Final beauty prod, Essie’s Under The Twilight, a smoky plum hue to be released in the Resort 2014 Collection in April.  This collection features three more shades: Resort Fling, a coral peach; Find Me An Oasis, an ice blue; and Cocktails and Coconuts, a shimmering sand tone.  You can read more about it here.

The elephant image is there for a reason, I want to have an elephant encounter, so damn badly!  When I was a child, my mother didn’t see the need for getting a passport for me as we live in Australia and there’s just so many beautiful places within our country.  So this has lead to the fact that when I turn 18 in 8 days, I’ll be filing my application off to the government people.  Then, the world will be my oyster.

What have you been lusting after?



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