How To: Make Your Feet Love You Again!


Having worked my first waitressing shift yesterday, which completely knocked me off my feet – rather, my feet wished they didn’t exist, I needed something to make them want to come back to me.  By 11 PM last night, I had my mothers Homedics foot massager in bed with me.  I didn’t realise the amount that the day would make me be lusting after these Black Nike Free Runs.  Feet need to be taken care of, I mean, you wouldn’t get very far on your own without them.  They’re there for you when you wobble, when you walk, and even when you’re sleeping so you may as well be nice to them.  Due to the lowest form of pain my body could deal me, literally the lowest point, I scrapped up the two hours I had before I started another waitressing shift today and gave my tootsies a pedicure.

  1. You’re going to want to set the mood a little, dim the lights, light that yummy salted caramel candle, even pour yourself a lovely glass of some Sav Blanc.  You don’t need a fancy foot spa, but if you have one, go for it.  Your bath tub will do a perfect job.
  2. Fill up your tub with just enough water to cover your ankles, make it a comfortable warm temperature.  No point in causing more pain!  Pop in your soapy product, preferably something super moisturising, or even some bath salts. I used some Argan Oil.  While one foot is soaking, take a cotton ball and come nail polish remover and clean the other foot of all leftover products.
  3. You’re going to need to get the day off your feet.  This means grabbing a gritty exfoliator and massaging it in all over your feet.  If you have a face wash like St Ives Blemish Control Scrub is made of tiny apricot kernel beads and gives a really deep exfoliation while still moisturising the skin.  It’s also something I have lying around the house because I love it!  If you don’t have a moisturising variant, just add some of the real thing!
  4. After your feet are feeling super lovely and moisturised, you’ll want to make sure your nails are in check.  Trim, buff and shape your nails.  You don’t want to push back the cuticles as this can cause an opening for a fungal infection, instead work in some cuticle oil, I like Essie’s Apricot Cuticle Oil.
  5. Now that you’re all trimmed and smoothed, your little feet are craving a big moisturising drink.  Shea butter, coconut milk and vitamin E are great for giving them a big moisturising hit.  At this point, you can give your feet a well deserved massage for getting you through the day (I know mine did a great job!)
  6. Did someone say polish?  Of course they did!  Half the time you can’t even see your feet, especially not at work where the strict ‘suitable’ nail polish only rule applies, so go crazy with some bright zingy colours, it’ll be sure to cheer your feet up (and you!).

Oh and have I even told you why feet are awesome?  Of course not, so forgetful of me!

Firstly, in the average lifetime of a foot, 128,000 kilometres will be tread – to put that into perspective, it’s three times around the globe.  You globetrotter, you! 😉  A quarter of all your bones are just in your feet, totalling up to 52 bones, that’s 26 each foot!  You know that they say about people with big feet?  Big forearms!  Yes, feet are exactly the same size as your forearm.  Check, I’ll look away.  Do you think your feet are super ticklish?  You’re not alone.  This is because there’s more sensory nerves per inch in the foot than anywhere else!

So go on, what are you waiting for?  You know your feet deserve it!



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