Lush-erific: My Lush Collection

DSC_0114So I’m a bit of a collector when it comes to Lush.  I have more products than one person can use and honestly, I don’t think that will ever change.  I might just employ my boyfriend to take part in more of their uses (read: bath ballistics).  This post will be a collection and review based post, so the link to the product will be their name.  Some I haven’t used yet, and that will be noted along side.  Enjoy.


Bubble Bars & Melts:

Sunny Side Bubble Bar – A very glittering gold bubble bar, mine spelled very citrus-y and didn’t create as much bubbles as I would have liked.  I used the whole bar and didn’t yield many bubbles.

Two Timing Tart Bubble Bar – I honestly did not expect so many bubbles, it was like floating in pink marshmallow water!  I loved the strawberry/vanilla/geranium scent and how soft it made my skin.  I wish it wasn’t just a limited edition.

Yuzu & Cocoa Bubbleroon – This bubbleroon literally made my nostrils dance (in a good way).  I have hardly ever smelled something so yummy!  With an almost chocolatey scent mixed with vanilla silk, it feels like I’m bathing in a small piece of heaven.  Sadly there’s not many bubbles for a higher price.

Candy Mountain – This produced so many bubbles it actually came out of the drain in the middle of the bathroom, the sink, the sink in the kitchen I was worried the neighbours would experience the bubble explosion too!  Smells like Snow Fairy, yumm!

Three Gold Rings – From memory (it was two years ago), I didn’t like this one very much.  It smelled super clean in a strange way, sorry Lush.

You’ve Been Mangoed Bath Melt – Does this smell like mango or what!  I adored how it made my bath water a pool of milky mango, my skin softened quickly.  My only quarrel was the greasy film left on my skin and the entire bath.


Avobath Bath Ballistic – I haven’t tried this one yet.

Butterball Bath Ballistic – So softening, a yummy buttery sugar popcorn smell (in my opinion).  I love seeing the cocoa butter bits floating around until they turn into a melted buttery mess on the waters surface.  Also, this one did leave a greasy aftereffect also but for the level of moisture it imparted with my skin, it’s totally forgivable.

Dragon’s Egg Bath Ballistic – This was so much fun, watching colourful islands float around me, spinning and throwing off the most gorgeous colours as they grew smaller and smaller.  No wonder this one sells out so quickly!  The centre filled with gold lustre is just stunning.

Sex Bomb Bath Ballistic – Obviously, this one is a little promiscuous.  How flipping sexy can a bath be?  Oh, you don’t know?  Buy this, sit in your tub with it, and report back to me later.

Think Pink Bath Ballistic – Did you know you could eat the little candy flowers?  Well, I didn’t eat them, but I did know that I was drifting in my own little sugary ocean at the time.  Such a yummy vanilla smell just made me want to eat some yummy food!

Twilight Bath Ballistic – I haven’t used this one yet.

Luxury Lush Pud – Wow, was this an amazing bath!  I floated in a bubbly purple mess of fizzing colours.  I honestly wish this one was available all year round, it was so fun!

Love Locket Ballistic – This was so giant, I accidentally dropped it and it cracked open exposing the pink confetti hearts even before I put it in the water.  This ballistic holds the best memory for me, but isn’t available on Lush anymore as it was a Valentines day exclusive.

Cinders Bath Ballistic – I hated this so much.  The smell was an instant headache, if anyone wants them, to do whatever, comment below and I will send you them.  No joke.


Neon Love Soap – I quite liked the underlying bergamot smell in this, I used this all over and it left my skin actually squeaking clean.  My skin was so clean that it was sticking to things.  It was weird, but I liked the smell of it.

Ooh La La Soap – I haven’t gotten around to using this yet, from first impressions it’s a super lavender soap.

Rock Star Soap – I haven’t used this one yet, only scratched the word ‘Lush’ into it for the header photo.

The Godmother Soap – I got this as a sample and originally thought nothing of it and then one day I loved it so much.  I don’t even know what changed my mind.  I love the Snow Fairy smell, it’s the only I can smell my favourite smell all year round.

Snowcake Soap – I’m a bit weird about this one, I like the smell but not so much so that it warrants the three I bought on the boxing day sale.  I got in late, it was the last thing left.  If anyone wants me to send them one, comment below and I’ll totally give you one (I have two spare).



Gels & Jellies:

Sweetie Pie Jelly – Holy gosh if I could have one scent for the rest of my life, it would be this.  It smells so yummy!  The blackberry, cherry, coconut mix totally has my heart.  I love how fun it is to shower with!

Happy Hippy Shower Gel – They say every batch differs as the fruit is at different stages of ripening, mine must have been quite fresh as it was yellow, not pink as some variants.  Either way, I loved the absolutely super fresh citrus smell.

Prince Charming Shower Gel – I was quite surprised, this body wash cooled down my skin when I put it on, I liked the minty scent underneath the first sweetness of it.  The sexy sandalwood isn’t too overwhelming and every scent goes together perfectly!

The Olive Branch Shower Gel – I haven’t actually used this, I bought it for my best friend, she likes it though.

Ponche Shower Gel – Apparently this one is meant to smell boozy as tequila and lime, but honestly, it just smells citrusy.  I don’t mind it but it’s not my favourite.  I have one to give away.  Comment below to claim it.

Snow Fairy Shower Gel – The Holy Grail of all shower gels, I couldn’t get enough of this smell when I first bought it two years ago and now I’m like a sniffer dog whenever it rears it’s rare head online.  I love the smell of fairy floss and pear drops, coating myself in it reminds me of my childhood and better skin days.


Shampoos & Conditioners:

Trichomania Solid Shampoo – Admittedly, I’m new to this one, I don’t have the condition which this shampoo was designed to solve, I just received it as a sample and liked how it smelled.  A beautiful coconut scent draws me to this one, I haven’t used it to wash my hair yet.

Retread Conditioner – This has become MY conditioner of choice, above all my amazing RedKen ones.  I know, that’s a huge call.  I have dry/unruly/coarse/frizzy hair, this conditioner is so heavy that it weighs down my hair and discourages my hair’s horrible behaviour.  It’s like the Super Nanny of conditioners.  It has a really flipping odd smell though.



Dark Angels Cleanser – I honestly don’t know how I ever existed without this, it minimises my blackheads in such a radical way that I still use it in wonder.  I prefer a more paste-y consistency so it really scrubs my pores.  I am not sensitive to the roughness of this cleanser, in all honesty I prefer this to liquid cleansers.  Love this!

Grease Lightning – Such a great drying gel, my boyfriend thought that this was dry skin last night because of how tight it makes the surrounding skin.  Obviously you only use this as a spot treatment, it’s so heavy duty that occasionally it’s hard to move your mouth with it on!


Breath of Fresh Air – This is pretty much my life, it’s so refreshing and is a major reason for my skin coming back from the brink of acne.  I love the seaside smell that this leaves when you spray it, the sea salt is great at clearing up imperfections just as sea water is also wonderful for this exact purpose.

Tea Tree Water – I only started using this toner recently, I spritz this over my face before applying my makeup to ensure that there’s no bacteria sitting on my face to get into my pores.  I love the smell of it, not too tea tree-y, but almost fruity.  I just love it.


Gorgeous Moisturiser – I got this as a sample from Lust Have It!, for such an expensive moisturiser, I’m glad I got the mini before splurging.  I only ever seem to use this when I’m sunburnt to smithereens because it’s too heavy for my skin on any other occasion.

Vanishing Cream Moisturiser – Such a light moisturiser!  Once it’s rubbed in, you question yourself as to whether you remembered to put it on.  A great alternative to heavier moisturisers for combination/oily skin.  It’s definitely less pricey than Gorgeous too!

Lip Scrubs & Balms:

Bubblegum Lip Scrub – How yummy is this!?  If you haven’t tried it, holy.  Just go and lick some sugar and fairy floss and vanilla and every thing else you enjoy.  I make sure my lips are nice and smooth before applying a bright lipstick with this, that way no colour settles into cracks.

Popcorn Lip Scrub – It honestly smells like sugar popcorn!  I was a bit apprehensive at first, how could something taste so good and supposedly stay out of my mouth.  This was actually the first Lush product I ever bought!

The Kiss Lip Gloss – This is such a pretty colour, not much of a tint as it tastes so yummy that normally I find that I’ve already consumed it (accidentally) before it’s tinted my lips.  This is not to be confused with It Started With A Kiss, this lip gloss was a limited edition Valentines Day.

Ultrabalm – This is literally like Lush’s most versatile product.  I have applied mine to the ends of my hair, my lips, to my sunburnt nose once.  It works as a vegan alternate to beeswax products but honestly, as someone who isn’t vegan, I’m telling them to share their goodness!



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