Eye Want: Neutral Palette Paradise


I may or may not have spent my entire day sitting as close to the window as possible so I could see when the courier arrived with my new iPhone 5S.  I also may or may not have an addiction to nude palettes, okay I admit wholeheartedly to that one.  You think that I’m going to admit to the first one?  Never. 😉

For some reason, the beauty gods have finally heard our cry.  “Neutrals, neutral, neutrals!!”  And yes, the heavens opened up and delivered neutral palettes by the dozen!  Here’s my compilation of a few that have really caught my eye/heart/credit card.

Smashbox Full Exposure Palette:
$69.95 AUD | Kit Cosmetics
hat a beauty, this palette comes with instructions on how to determine and compliment your exact eye shape.  Featuring 14 universally flattering shades from nude creams to sparkling blacks, this palette has something for everyone, and it definitely knows how to take your eyes to a whole new level of amazingness.

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette:
$68.95 AUD | Kit Cosmetics
A palette that is made of chocolate!  With 16 pigments made of pure cocoa pigment, and with scents to die for (okay, not die, but I did get a bowl of icecream), how could you not love this one!  I’m totally loving the shade Marzipan, the second shade in on the second row.  So beautiful!

NARS NARSissist Palette:
$79.00 USD | Sephora
he most exxy of all palettes on this list, it’s not a wonder that it comes from NARS.  With mixed reviews as to the quality of the colours, it definitely is the lesser lusted of the collection.  As it’s currently unavailable anywhere in Australia, except Mecca Cosmetica in Melbourne and Sydney for $115, I think this one is totally one that I can pick up a dupe for and be satisfied.

Stila In The Light Palette:
$45.10 AUD | Beauty Bay
I honestly nearly bought it when I went to find the lowest price for you darlings.  Nearly.  It is my birthday after all.  Stila’s best selling champagne eyeshadow Kitten is featured in this palette, and that’s nearly reason enough to buy it!  The textures and shades of this palette can’t be faulted with their buttery smooth high pigmentation totally worth the hype in the beauty world.

Sephora Collection Natural Instincts Palette:
$15.00 USD | Sephora
Sephora did it again, the home to the best beauty buys brings out their own neutral palette as a strong contender.  Did I mention THE PRICE?!  For under $20, you can get an amazing, high quality neutral palette.  Obviously this one is exclusive to it’s mother brand’s store, but with a forwarding address like MyUS or ShipItTo, I’m sure you can get a hold of it.  I am so tempted right now.

Clinique All About Shadow Limited Edition Nudes Palette:
$36.00 USD | Sephora
 apologise, I did look everywhere for a direct Australian site that sold this palette, but hey, while you’re buying that Sephora Collection palette, grab this one too because it’s super versatile, it can travel with you and create a multitude of amazing eye looks, and grab one for your bestie and mum as well because they make fabulous gifts!

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette:
$68.45 | Look Fantastic
Ah yes, this one doesn’t even need an introduction.  This is probably the cheapest way to get your hands on it when you live in Australia.  At 37GBD, which converts to roughly $68.45 AUD, nearly $20 cheaper than Beauty Bay.  The rose-hued goodness definitely needs to be a part of my life.



4 thoughts on “Eye Want: Neutral Palette Paradise

  1. I use the Stila palette every day — it is the BEST. So many basic colors and enough accent colors to switch it up if. The only complaint is that, of course, the basic colors run out quicker. Perhaps they should devote two squares to those colors. Great round-up!

      • Hi! I use three the most: Bare, Kitten, and Champagne (though on my palette it’s called Bubbly, or something like that). They are almost totally empty, while the other colors are still mostly there. It’s because I use the sheer shades all over on my lid and to my eyebrow, while I use the darker shades only for my crease and as liner. Totally recommend the palette!

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