Haul Pass: Massive High End Fashion and Beauty


YES!  This week was a multitude of things in my life, it was my birthday, my first pay check in my new job, and also a ridiculously huge week for online purchases arrivals.  So overall, I got some shnazzy thangs to share with you lucky devil today.

First of all, most of the things I received, I paid for entirely by myself, and those that I didn’t and received as a gift for my birthday will be clearly stated.

The haul kicked off in a spectacular way with the arrival of my order from OzSale with a whole lot of Saints + Secrets, Mad Love and Toi Et Moi arriving at my door.  Oh be still my beating heart.  A lot of these products are already sold out all over the internet so I couldn’t link all of them for you.

The top in the feature image is by Mad Love, and it’s just so comfy!  It’s essentially a sweatshirt that loves you back!  Sadly I could not find it anywhere on the internet as I bought it from a sale site, so I’m really sorry about that.  I also got a black dress shirt from Toi Et Moi which I can’t wait to pair with a white skort (still in the mail, will do an OOTD when it gets here with the shirt), the shirt retails at $99.00 AUD and I got it for a bargain at $19.00 AUD!  I know, I’ll give you a minute to open a new browser window.


I nabbed a top which was in the style of a dress I’ve been lusting over for yonks now from Saint + Secrets.  It’s a really unique floral seahorse design which is so abstract that I just want to stare at it for hours.  How gorgeous is it!  As you could guess, the peplum is structured and is of such amazing quality so the price tag sits around the $120.00 AUD mark, but I got it for.. $19.00 AUD.  Yes yes, I know!

DSC_0182 DSC_0179

I also picked up the Enigma Dress also from Saints + Secrets, which I could not go past!  How lovely does it look?  Ah, I’m wearing it out to my birthday dinner in Cairns tonight.  I love how skimpy the straps look but the high neckline compromises for the lack of coverage and keeps the modesty of the dress all wrapped up in one very nice looking package.  I’d love to tell you that this dress cost me an arm and a leg and that I’d been saving up for it for months, but it actually came down from $179.00 AUD to… yep!  $19.00!!  It’s stunning.


Moving away from my fashion haul now, in the spirit of all things birthday, I did get a few goodies from my family and boyfriend.  My boyfriend gifted me these amazing Pandora earrings that I featured on my Lust List not too long ago!  Yay!  They’re very pretty, I tucked my hair behind my ears for the first time every yesterday.  Did not even feel ashamed!  My boyfriend’s mother gave me a gorgeous cream leather Pandora bracelet with a little “18” charm on it.  It’s so cute!


I also picked up a few supplies from eChemist, the only place I could find that would allow me to ship Garnier Micellar Water to Australia, and while there I did notice my favourite Bourjois foundation on sale for $13 AUD.  Yeah, needless to say, I was sold.  For me, the price of Bioderma in Australia is just way too ridiculous for something that wouldn’t last me very long as I would be using it every day.  So for the cheaper, very similar alternate that does exactly the same thing – yes, I’ll take two.


I was also stunned at the design of these, I know, you’ve seen them, bought them, used them, reviewed them.  I’m just a bit slower onto the bandwagon.  They have a pointed tip for getting into tight areas like under the lash line and removing eye makeup products, and a broader tip for areas like the brow bone.

Last but definitely not least, my iPhone 5S arrived in a spectacularly late fashion and is now my pride and joy.  It’s the greatest, and it scans my fingerprint.  I received it as a gift from my parents, but paid them back half.  It’s the best little gadget ever.



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