OOTD: Sports Luxe


Just wanted to post a quick flat lay of my outfit for a casual dinner with my boyfriend’s family.  I wore my new Target ’73’ sports mesh tee shirt, that’s almost on the sheer side from the thinner fabric, the mesh around the shoulder is unlined and therefore partially sheer.  The 73 is lined giving it a white dot appearance through the black meshing.  It’s super comfortable on, and super on trend.  Funnily enough, my boyfriend’s sister was wearing a Jay-Jay’s version of a similar style, which made me laugh.

The shorts are the ever so amazing (and comfortable!) black lace scallop from Alice In The Eve.  I picked these up for $59.95 from General Pants when I was in Brisbane in January.  I could not recommend a better ‘go with absolutely everything’ pair of shorts than these bad boys!  The pockets are massive which is a huge advantage when you lug around car keys and an iPhone 5S without a handbag.

My iPhone case is a fluorescent lime green from Mercury, which I (stupidly) paid $25 at a phone case store when they’re online for bananas.  Doh!

I didn’t include shoes or my handbag in this post because I didn’t use either!  We were inside so we had our shoes off, and my handbag stayed in my car.

Let me know what you’re go to casual outfit has been lately in the comments below, just press the plus sign.



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