Haul Pass: Rimmel Super Haul


If there’s one thing I do so well, it’s spending money.  Honestly, it’s a habit.  If you put the word sale in bold it’ll attract my attention like none other.  I’ll pass on attractive boys or cute puppy dogs for the word sale, ANYDAY.  Normally I wouldn’t go this flipping mad around a Rimmel display but these are the products I’ve been lusting after for a while from this brand.  The breaking point for me was their prices, at never before seen sale specials.  To give you an idea, Australia is normally twice the price of American products (shakes fist in agony), and these were on par to the American sale prices.  Hello, did my credit card just VOLUNTEER itself?!

Firstly, I didn’t intend to spend any money when I entered Good Price Pharmacy, I was actually applying for a job.  But the little blue sale signs kinda got my attention.  So here’s a wrap on the joyous products I’m now obsessing over in the comfort of my own home.


Rimmel Scandal’Eyes Waterproof Eyeliner in Nude
Normally $9.95 | Purchased $4.95
Honestly, I’d been chasing one of these nude liners for a while, but the selling point wasn’t on their side when nearly everywhere I looked they were boxed up in packaging without testers.  When it comes to eye liners, I love to see how it applies, and this one applied so smoothly I wondered whether it really was waterproof.  Luckily, it lives up to both it’s claims!  Super happy!


Rimmel Scandal’Eyes Shadow Stick in Bad Bronze Girl & Bulletproof Beige
Normally $12.95 | Purchased $6.45
I was super excited about these bad boys since hearing Fleur De Force rave about them in a video, so obviously I was dying to get my hands on them.  When I saw them for half their normal price, I actually looked around to see if anyone caught my happy dance, before quickly snapping up the bronze and beige colours.  Overall, they’re colour pay off is great and they literally have such a gorgeous buttery texture.  I am a little biased towards the lovely glittering beige colour.

DSC_0278 DSC_0274

Rimmel Apocolips Lip Lacquer in Nude Eclipse and Celestial
Normally $15.95 | Purchased $7.95
I have literally been one of those people that sadly walk up to the display, swatch the colour on their hand, sigh, blend it into my skin and walk away.  These two colours are beautiful and surprisingly the nude is a pink undertone making it ‘my skin’ friendly.  I love the consistency, and the strange doe foot applicator with a reservoir actually makes application a breeze.


Rimmel Kate Moss Lasting Finish Lipstick in 03
Normally $12.95 | Purchased $5.95
I have always found it so damn hard to have a nude shade on my lips without it looking like an orange oily concealer mess spilled onto my lips.  The joys of a strange undertone are endless, I tell you.  When I picked up this pink/brown/neutral tone, I just knew we’d be best of friends!  This colour fits my skin undertone to a tee!  It’s so pretty and natural looking without taking it to the “where’s her lips?” level.

Rimmel Stay Matte Translucent Powder
Normally $13.95 | Purchased $6.45
A lot of the blogs I follow have always recommended this powder for, you guessed it, it’s matte-ifying qualities.  I know my best friend, Maddy, uses this loyally so I had to try it out.  I think it got it in the wrong shade so I’ll be returning it for the ivory beige shade tomorrow.  And then I shall be a happy little girl!

Are there any Rimmel products that you’re obsessing over?  Tell me in the comments below!


*this was not a sponsored post, all opinions are my own as they always will be



4 thoughts on “Haul Pass: Rimmel Super Haul

  1. Both of those lip glosses look fantastic! What skin tone/shade are you? Usually nude lip products make me look really washed out but the one you have on looks great.

    • I have a neutral cold undertone, about the intensity of NC15, but with different tones. MAC has trouble matching my skin so I can’t tell you exactly x

      • That helps! Unfortunately, I’m a bit darker and warmer and it would still probably make me look washed out. 😦 Boo… But it does look great on you! 🙂

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