Review: Olay Fresh Effects


There’s nothing I love more than a product that does what it says, except a product that does what it says and is on sale!  Olay have been forever imprinted in my mind as an anti-ageing brand thanks to my mothers desperate purchases of night creams over the years, so when it comes to skincare, I assume they know a thing or two.

And boy do they!  I walk through the middle of Chemist’s Warehouse everyday to get to work and I’d seen this product a could of times but when the yellow sale sticker went on, I broke.  Down from $16.99 to $12.99 was enough to convince me to buy the set which comes with a skin-polishing vibrating scrubber.  Originally I was hoping it would be in the realms of the Clarsonic devices but when I excited ripped open the packaging, I discovered the head was about the size of a 50 cent coin.  (Aka, it’s tiny.)  So my original reaction was along the lines of “dammit, I should do more research, yadda yadda yadda”.


Until I used it! I popped some of the “Shine Eliminating Cleanser on the brush head, splashed my face and set about massaging my skin with the extremely tiny, very strong buzzing device.  It was honestly frightening at first but after about 5 minutes of very steady scrubbing, my skin felt supple, soft and very fresh.  After rinsing of the peculiarly coloured cleanser, my skin was lovely and matte which is always a positive for an oily skinned gal.

My doubts on the cleanser were definitely justified as it says it’s shine removing and the cream cleanser itself is actually a opalescent silver variant.  (SEE HERE)  Very surprising.  But it was also surprising how well it worked.  Everything about this set made me question it but at the same time it did such a good job at exceeding my expectations.

As for the hefty claims to clean 400 times better than a normal cleanser, I can’t vouch for it.  I don’t own a microscope to analyse the gritty details of my skin.  But did it leave my skin feeling cleaner?  Hell yes.  I loved it.

Pick it up here.



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