Brand Focus: Shanghai Suzy Lipsticks

I’m a sucker for lipsticks, I haven’t always been but it’s more prevalent in my life now.  I make a beeline for the pinks, reds, corals, nudes and plums without fail.  Personally, lipsticks have become my product of choice because they really create that look of a finished product.  That’s why it does end up causing a slight sting in the pocket region when a lipstick that I use every day costs $36 – just for one!  This was a common occurrence which had me regularly shelling out hundreds upon hundreds over the span of a year.  Eventually, I knew it was time.  I had to do some digging.

With my digging, I unearthed a wonderful up and coming brand in the Australian market – Shanghai Suzy.  You may have seen me mention them in a previous lust list,  but until now I hadn’t managed to get my hands on them.  I almost felt my lipstick loving body float into lipstick heaven when I saw the deal that was running on the website.  8 full-sized, super pigmented, absolutely amazing lipsticks for only $65.  Just to put that in perspective, you couldn’t even buy two MAC lippies with that kind of money in Australia!  A single lippie from S.S. is normally $12.95, and with the 8 for $65 deal, it equates to $8.12 each!  That’s a saving of over $38!

Shanghai Suzy was the brain child of someone who really knew makeup, a model, Joanna knew where the lipstick market had holes.  For many there was no bridge to cross between “cost effective and cruddy product” or “expensive and exceptional”.  Joanna saw that there needed to be a bridge and the rest is history.  As someone who is wearing lipstick while writing this post at 11:18 PM, I just want to mention one thing that very obviously sets Shanghai Suzy so far aside from the rest…  They smell of Grape Hubba Bubba!  Which, for your information, was my world’s most favourite thing when I was a little girl!  *Sniffs lippy*  Happy, happy days.

Okay, so by this point you might have realised that I went flipping mad having a crisis over which colours I wanted, and even now I’m planning on picking up those colours that I neglected to select in my 8 lipstick selection.  Shanghai Suzy recently released a new Limited Edition collection for Autumn Winter ’14.  I literally had to make myself a tea after choosing to calm my beating heart.  Below is my selection of the lipsticks on offer:

Previous Spring Summer Collection:

baby coral

Miss Emma – Taupe (Nourish)
The perfect hydrating, semi opaque nude tone.


Miss Georgina – Pink Plum (Nourish)
A radiant fuchsia mixed with deep plum hue.


Miss Sally – Watermelon (Matte) ||| NO LONGER AVAILABLE.
The hottest mid-tone coral orange.

Autumn Winter ’14 Collection: 

baby coral

Miss Simone – Baby Coral (Matte)
A wearable, everyday light peachy coral.


Miss Kitty – Black Plum (Matte)
The deeper, more sophisticated sister of Georgina.


Miss Sophia – Lilac (Matte)
An extremely wearable pink based light lilac.


Miss Melissa – Hot Pink (Matte)
The brightest, loud mouth blue based pink.


Miss Sarah-Jane – Neon Coral (Matte)
A coral on steroids, statement of the season.

The colours I have yet to have snapped up include:

Joanna, if you ever read this, you’re a god.  You brought my childhood scent into a wearable reminder that I can be a bright and bubbly human through Shanghai Suzy lipsticks everyday.

Which lipstick colours are you lusting after?  Let me know in the comments below!



5 thoughts on “Brand Focus: Shanghai Suzy Lipsticks

  1. Love this! The pics are great, all the shades look gorgeous on you 🙂 I have 4 lippies from the first collection, how yummy is the hubba bubba scent! I love the look of Miss Melissa and Miss Simone, think these will be my next purchases x

    • Oh the smell is just too delicious! They’re definitely the best formula I’ve ever owned for such a minimal price tag! Miss Simone is such a lovely colour, it’s good to put a nice lip scrub on before wearing it x

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