February Favourites: Lush, MAC, Benefit, Essie

I’m a little late but better than never!  I took these photos late February and figured if I don’t post them in March sometime, I’d lose a chance to show you my favourite products that got me through one of the hottest months in the ever so unforgiving land down under.

These products have all been on rotation from the day I set foot into February.  They got me through to my birthday, which is the very end of the month, so I thought they needed a round of applause.

Featuring none other than Lush, MAC, Benefit, Essie, Jemma Kidd, a candle and a lot of bobbie pins!

Featuring none other than Lush, MAC, Benefit, Essie, Jemma Kidd, a candle and a lot of bobbie pins!

If you know me, you might know that I have hair that is a total free spirit.  For example, if I want to have it stay in one place all day, my hair thinks it’s acceptable to do a tribal dance out of whatever hairstyle I had the second I turn my back on the mirror.  You laugh, but I’m serious.  Because of this, bobbie pins have forever been my bestie.  They’ve got my back when my hair is off dancing to the beat of it’s own drum.  And no matter how many bobbie pins I manage to sneak into my bun, they always stay there and never let anyone know just how many I have there.  Good guy bobby pins.

Along with that, the colour for me in February was a very bright coral pink.  Essie Cute as a Button and MAC Costa Chic were my most reached for and applied colours.  I love the consistency of Essie polishes, not too jelly, not too creme.  Cute as a Button is one of Essie’s blogger faves, and you can see why.  It applies like a dream, and honestly, what’s not to love about that colour?!  MAC lipsticks are my weakness, I love them, I really do.  Costa Chic is a frosty light coral, but it’s really not all that frosty.  It’s definitely got more shine than a creme though, but without being drying or settling into fine lines on the lips.  Huge win.


Benefit has always been a long running favourite for me, I purchased my first high end cosmetic product from them a few years ago.  So when I got the chance to snap up a Benefit Slant Brush for $24.50, I was like, hell yeah!  I have found this brush works so perfectly in applying my contour shade Taupe by NYX.  I can put a contour line by blending in line with my cheekbone and then softening it by blending up and out.


I recently picked up Jemma Kidd’s translucent setting powder off a sale website mainly because it was super affordable, and compared it to my Mineral Makeup Market setting powder.  The MMM one had a high shine due to the mineral Mica in the formula and this led to me looking like a powdery disco ball, so when the Jemma Kidd powder graced my life, I was in love.  It doesn’t sit heavy on my skin and looks flattering all day long.  Did I mention it really helps my makeup stay!?  Fabulous work!


Lush honestly knows how to make products, and the girls in at Lush really know how to sell me products!  I had been eyeing off Dark Angels for a while, but because I live 1,000km from the nearest store I was apprehensive if this was the product for me.  When I popped in on my holidays in January, I was totally won over by it.  I’ve honestly changed my skin.  Breakouts are non existent!

Another Lush product I’ve been loving is, as always, Breath of Fresh Air.  I purchased this when I was looking for a more natural toner that wouldn’t be so harsh on my skin.  Not only does this toner totally fulfil that brief, it’s probably become one of the most relaxing smells in my mind because I spritz it on before bed so the mere smell of it calms me down now.  It’s fabulous, really!

Last but not least is my yummy yummy candle!  Soapherb is a little brand that hails from just north of my home town, Cairns.  I met up with the owner at many markets and have effectively collected a few candles from her range.  My favourite by far has been the little Wild Strawberry scented one, which actually smells downright spot on when it comes to impersonating fruit smells (none of those lolly ones here!).  I haven’t even had to burn this one yet, it still smells too amazing!

What are some product’s you’ve been loving from the past month?  Let me know in the comments below!



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