Review: Wotnot Facial Wipes

The best face wipes for oily skin!

The best face wipes for oily skin!

I think everyone should have a love on a really deep level with face wipes, I know I do.  They’re there for you when you’re too lazy to drag yourself to the bathroom to wash your face after a big night, and they don’t even judge you for it!  That’s why when wotnot sent me their new facial wipes designed especially for oily and sensitive skin, I heard angels singing from all countries over.

Wotnot is a brand that prides themselves on only putting the good stuff in, and knowing ‘wotnot’ to put in.  They take pride in selecting natural ingredients for the well-being of your skin.  I was stoked to read that the wipes are able to remove even the most tough of makeup products while still maintaining the gentleness on the skin.

I received the pack for oily to sensitive skin, which is enriched with Australian certified organic pink grapefruit and papaya.  The wipe itself smells identical to Lush’s Gorgeous moisturiser, yes, the super expensive one.  So the smell was totally welcome and my nostrils did a little dance.  The actual feel of the wipe on the skin was quite unexpected, it was so much softer than any other facial wipe I’ve tried in my long facial-wipe relationship!  The moisture inside of the wipe didn’t squeeze out over my skin, rather worked in conjunction with the gentle fibres to pull the dirt from my pores.

The brand boasts claims of their facial wipes luxuriousness, and honestly, they excelled in this area!  Due to receiving this sample from wotnot, there’s a highly likely (100%) chance I’ll never buy anything else!

And while you’re checking out their store, be sure to use SHIP43 in the checkout to get free shipping for orders over $20 (which would be easy since I know you’re buying 4 packets now).  You can also apply for a free sample on their Facebook page!

Let me know if there’s been any products that have totally surprised you lately in the comments below.



*this was a sponsored post, but all opinions and remarks are my own and in no way influenced by the brand, wotnot.  all images and their copyright belongs to me.


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