Life Files: Redecorating Bedroom Ideas

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So if you didn’t know, the reason I’ve only been semi-present on my own website is because I’ve been redecorating my house so we can have a new bedroom.  It’s been heaps of work and I now have little biceps from painting the ceiling.  This post is just to give you a little insight into my design ideas and where I’ve been picking up my decorating bargains!

I first and foremost needed some inspiration, and one day browsing, you guessed it, the likes of none other than Pinterest, I spotted the most inspiring nugget of design history.  I’d always loved a navy colour scheme.  Navy has the ability to be moody, romantic, comforting and relaxing.  My inspo image has been in the back of my mind the entire time while designing every element for my new bedroom.

The room itself is quite large, about 4.5 metres by 3.4 metres, so you’re looking at over 15 square metres of room space (my thought on this here).  So to counteract the spaciness of the room, I opted for a dark, misty blue hue, aptly named “Misty Blue” from the Dulux Optimism range.  This colour will contrast the crisp whites I plan to use to keep the noise of the room to a minimum.

I then chose a bedspread that would be complimenting to my colour choice, because the wall colour would naturally call for your attention.  To move away from clashing with the bold wall colour, I chose a textured bright white quilt cover to ensure that I could continue the room with crisp whites.  As I’m on a tight budget, I went straight to my favourite bargain chain store, Target.  In Australia, Target improved their quality a few years ago and so I was happy in choosing their Bright White Seattle Quilt Cover Set.  I picked it up while they were having their 30% off all home products sale.  Score!

If I left my bed boring, it just wouldn’t be me.  So after trawling through some more Pinsperation, I decided I wanted a water colour cushion.  I checked Etsy, and most were $60+, so I went on OzSale, and spotted these two (here + here) for $10 each!  Luckily I grabbed them early because they’re sold out now.  You can check out OzSale for 10+ new sales daily here.

I then realised that the bedside table I had in my old room was.. a little retro.  So I went to the local antique shop and grabbed a elcheapo’ bedside table for $25 so I could fix it up and paint it white.  And what better to go on my new second hand bedside table than a lamp?!  I love wooden textures, they’re warm and inviting, so to fight off the cold feel from the crisp whites and deep navy, I opted for a lamp that combined ceramic white with a wooden texture after seeing it featured here.  And for $28, I thought why the hell not!

I’m really struggling with what to put over the bed head, I’m thinking either a statement mirror piece like this or this, or a piece of artwork like this or this cushion as an art print.  The problem I have with mirrors is they’re pricey and hard to find unless I drive at least 100 km.  Artwork on the other hand is so damn hard to find one that is just perfect.

But no bedroom of mine would be complete without a super sniff-inspiring scent.  While holidaying in Noosa, a shop was selling Cote Noir candles, a range I’d never heard of previously.  So after tracking them down online and finding, finally, the scent I fell in love with, it shall burn brightly beside my bed.  Sooooon!  It’s name is Reine de la Nuit, which translates from French to Queen of the Night.  So lovely!  It has soft but very dramatic scents of osmanthus and jasmine and is worth so much more than $39.95 that you can pick up a huge triple wick candle for!

Would you ever take the plunge and paint your room a different colour?



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