Success Secret: How To Make Money From Blogging!


So I’m pretty much going to educate you on something that will change your life so please, I beg of you, hold up a minute because you owe it to yourself to do something that will totally make your life amazing!

I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to learn how to take my little itty-bitty blog to one that actually earns profit and this whole thing wouldn’t be possible without the wonderful lady Kate McKibbin, the boss lady at Drop Dead Gorgeous Daily, which is undoubtedly my go-to location for absolutely everything to do with inspiring my fashion sense, makeup knowledge, and how to even decorate (I can’t take credit for my own skills)!  She created an e-course, which I was kind of apprehensive about broadcasting at first because I was acting a little selfish with this new-found knowledge, to teach us bloggers how to make money from our blog and become more business minded.

So today, I’m putting on my big girl boots (they look like this in my head, just so you know), and letting you in on my secret, which is this e-course filled with all of Kate’s secrets.  But hey, what is sharing nowadays!?

Honestly, you can join this course without a blog, with a new blog, with a blog you’ve been blogging on for blog-only-knows how long!  I joined with a baby blog, and look at her now (in my head I’m pinching my blog’s virtual cheeks)!  And I know I sound like a cheeseball in some cheese sauce on a platter of cheeses but I owe it to Kate to tell you about this, she’s the reason this website even exists.

I know the price might look a little daunting when you’re currently not making money off your blog, but the return you can receive just by taking the leap is so endless!  I genuinely hope you do this for yourself.

What in God’s name are you waiting for!?  Go get ’em tiger!



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