Rant and Rave: Packaging Hang-Ups

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Now I don’t know about you, but half the time I (stupidly) run on a belief that if the packaging is stunning then the products will be too, or are most likely to be anyway.  So when I see my favourite products falling to pieces because of their shoddy packaging, it’s almost a personal matter!  I could have saved this matter and taken it up with one of my best friends over coffee but then my favourite setting powder broke, another typical case of packaging self-destruction, and here I am!

I’m a girl who quite constantly is doing make up in a rush, and by rush I mean standing there, brushing my teeth, putting shoes on, and doing my hair.  All at once.  It’s an art, trust me.  Lately my mornings have been: wake up, paint, shower for just that bit too long, freak about time, run out the door.  So when I’m doing my make up, I’d love it if the packaging was like, “Damn, girl, you’re in one hell of a rush, better not get stuck/break/fall apart in your hand/leak all over what you’re wearing.”  Oh spare me.

Untitled design

The lowest of all packaging life forms in my eyes is Time Balm by The Balm, and what a shame that is because the product inside that breakable, cheap plastic is fantastic and so great at covering everything.  My only saviour is knowing it’s now discontinued and can’t break on anyone else.  Mine doesn’t even have a working lid any more.

Along the same lines of the packaging design is Rimmel’s Stay Matte powder, which I love.  But god help me putting that lid back on is so annoying if it’s not perfectly lined up to it’s base.  I can totally see this lid doing a “Time Balm” quite soon.

My other bone to pick with these companies is, why pick cheap packaging!?  Rimmel is a drug store brand and I’m more likely to understand if they used a crappy, stiff plastic case but The Balm?!  I think of the cute packaging with the double meaning titles and don’t for a second think that they’re packaging should resemble the tiny little plastic jars you can buy from Kmart for $1.  Boo.

But one product that I use every day (literally) has the packaging of a god in the product world.  Stila’s brow powders in dark adopt the same tin with clear lid design as their eye shadows, which gives them a really sturdy feel because of the weight of the metal.  This thing has bounced off a few things and despite my initial response of wondering where the hell I can get a brow powder from my little home town, it can totally handle it!  I’ve had it for two years, used it religiously and haven’t hit pan on their side.  Stila, I’m up for kissing where you walk.

Got any products that have really shoddy packaging?  Name and shame in the comments below!



2 thoughts on “Rant and Rave: Packaging Hang-Ups

  1. I agree! I use the Rimmel Stay Matte powder every day and the lid has fallen off so many times and sometimes cracks the product a bit. But otherwise, it’s such a good quality powder! Great post xx

    • I know my best friend dropped hers and watched it shatter into a million tiny pieces (the product, not her heart). I’ve definitely known better packaging in my travels x

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