Compare the Pair: BB Cream Bonanza


I’m a lover of all things that promise me stunning skin, BB cream included.  As someone who has yet to cross the great divide between BB and CC, I’ll quietly share my opinions on two BB creams promising similar results.

Test product one is my Maybelline’s Dream Pure BB cream for oily skin types.  It promises a matte finish and a ‘stay all day’ kind of attitude.  For the most part I think it has amazing colour match to my neutral pinky skin tone.  It’s an almost grey based colour that is kinder to neutral skin shades but definitely wouldn’t work on a warmer skin tone.  I originally found this one to sit a little heavy on my skin for something that was made for oily skin types as I kinda was running on the belief that the folks who made this baby would take into account how annoying oily skin feels without makeup anyway.  I was hoping for a matte finish but was duly disappointed in the glossy, shiny in a bad way finish that I was left with.

Onto test product number two.  Rimmel’s Matte BB cream which promises a product with a nine-in-one skin perfecting miracle.  I can’t honestly think of nine steps in my beauty routine that this one BB cream replaces.  I mean, primer, foundation, concealer, setting powder?  It surely doesn’t blush and contour for me!  But nevertheless, I love that this product is a neutral companion for my skin tone, being on the not too warm and not too cold side of things.  It can leave unsightly makeup lines if I don’t blend blend blend, but I really should know how to do that by now!  It leaves a predominantly matte finish which is always pleasing, but as a really super matte kinda chick I still like to set it with some finishing powder after applying concealer.  I like this product as a light foundation, it’s buildable, but I wouldn’t go more than one layer with touch up areas otherwise my skin just looks a bit odd.  I quite like this BB cream, and especially for the $6 price tag that it had when I picked it up (I got two), I like it just that little bit more.  I don’t feel as if it’s my holy grail but until I find that lovely product of my dreams, stick with me.

What’s your favourite BB or CC cream?  Let me know below!



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