Behind the Blog

Hello dear!  My name is Rikki Stephensen, and I come from the land down under (yes, you sung that, I know you did).  I’m a student, a teacher in the making, a lover and a self confessed beauty addict!

I created this blog to connect with those who have the “I do that all the time” or “It’s like she read my mind” moments so I could help inspire you every day of your life.

I started Indigo Deer with the fact that my friends were going mad if I talked about one more ‘god-damn’ beauty product, because I knew that, as someone who constantly was reading blogs, there were others like me out there!

You can check my daily life out on:

  • Fortnightly email – catch up on all things Indigo Deer
  • Instagram – where you’ll see the TMI side of my posts
  • Pinterest – so you can lust and aw and laugh with me
  • Bloglovin’ – grab my newest posts as they come
  • Soon to be Facebook…

For all enquiries, questions and general contact with me, head on over to the Contact tab and fill out the form or you can send an email to the address provided!



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